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Dominican Larimar Jewelry: The Essence of the Dominican Republic - Part 2/2


Dominican silversmiths are practically new in this art, introduced in the Dominican Republic in the fifties, during the dictatorship of Trujillo,  in order to produce Amber jewelry with 925 silver.

The designs of Dominican jewelry are of simple lines, charming, attractive and beautiful, appropriate for any age, any time and any outfit.

Larimar necklace

Pear-shaped, teardrop and oval forms are the most popular symmetrical pieces Dominican artisans produce, but they prefer to make more irregular shape cabochons to take advantage of the Larimar slab, creating beautiful pendants, rings, bracelets and necklaces, impregnating every finished Larimar jewel with the real essence of the Dominican Republic.

Blue Larimar stone ring

The Dominican government has installed an artisan school in the area of Barahona to teach the locals the skill of producing top quality Larimar jewelry and motivate foreign Larimar stone buyers to make their jewelry in the Dominican Republic so that these young men can make a living with this art and get out of poverty, benefiting from the fact that this unique, rare Larimar stone is only mined in our country.

Contrary to what many might think, Dominican artisans are better paid than artisans in other countries where the Larimar stone is taken to produce jewelry; with every Larimar jewel sold in or from the Dominican Republic, almost thousand families are supported with the benefit of the Larimar business. The Dominican Republic has declared Larimar as its national stone, forming part of the culture, tourism and artisan business of the Dominican Republic; LARIMAR is THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC!

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