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About Us

How did we start offering Larimar jewelry online?

I was a young girl when My Mom started working with Larimar, I’ve been in love since then! I always had the dream of showing the world the incredible workmanship of our Dominican artisans, their art has been learned during generations, exhibiting beautiful and simple jewelry with traditional clean lines and classic designs.

My dream started to take shape several years ago, after working for years as an executive of one of the biggest telephone companies in the country, I was ready for more! I was splitting my time between work and my family, trying to find the right Work-Life Balance (Still working on it!!) and that’s when I decided to resigned from my job and start this new chapter of my life, that is how The Larimar Shop was born!

I want to showcase the beauty of the Dominican craftsmanship and most important our amazing Larimar stone.

The Larimar & Amber Stones

The Larimar stone, once completely unknown, has become so popular that buyers from all around the world come to the island to purchase the stone from the miners to use it for themselves or as dealers to sell it to many other buyers.

You will find that several of the jewelry workmanship comes from India, Indonesia and now China, where many skilled artisans have been working the Larimar for years, with the Larimar Shop I want to showcase the amazing work of the local artisans and the amazing work they are doing with our native stones.

Dominican Amber is appreciated worldwide for its transparency and beautiful color variety, being the Blue Amber the most expensive and sought after. We love Amber too and we have curated some very special pieces so our customers could also have the opportunity to buy some of the most beautifully worked pieces done by our local artisans.

My mom and I are working with skilled artisans, obtaining always the best quality Larimar and Amber directly from the miners to enable us to have great pieces made for our customers.

You cannot imagine how we enjoy every time we pack and ship a Larimar piece it means for us sharing this beauty with other people in the world offering the best we can at a price each pocket can afford according to their demand!!!!!!!

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