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Amber Larimar Bracelet, Lauren

Learn more about this unique style, the reversible Amber Larimar Bracelet, Laurent!
This double sided Amber Larimar bracelet is always a great choice for those looking to have two bracelets in one.
  • Material: 925 Silver, Larimar stone and Amber
  • Weight: 16.2 g
  • Length: 7 1/2 Inches long
  • Measures: 10 mm wide x 8 mm long x 9 mm thick
  • Double sided
What you see is what you'll get. We do not retouch photos or enhance the color of the pictures.

The Larimar Shop’s best sellers! The Larimar and Amber reversible jewelry collection was created by Dominican artisans a long time ago to become the most wanted versatile style in our shop!

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