Larimar Necklace Pam

Find out more about this fabulous Larimar Necklace Pam!
Eye catching Larimar Pendant Necklace to wear every time you'd like to feel like a real Caribbean queen!
  • Material: Amber, Larimar stones and 925 silver
  • Weight: 48 grams
  • Length: 16 Inches
  • Dimensions: 63 mm long x 34 mm wide x 10 mm thick.
    • Oval stone: 37 mm long x 26 mm wide x 10 mm thick
    • Square stone: 22 mm long x 34 mm wide x 10 mm thick
  • Closed silver back
What you see is what you'll get. We do not retouch photos or enhance the color of the pictures.
We are dedicated to offering our customers the top and best quality Larimar bought from miners at the mines, who have been supplying us over more than 25 years; we are definitely not new at this and want our customers to love their Larimar jewelry for many, many years. Search for more Larimar necklaces here!

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