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Red Larimar, making us fall in love all over again!

Red Larimar Stone from the Dominican Republic

Unlocking the Mysteries of Rare Larimar Specimens

Have you ever wondered how these exceptional Larimar specimens come into existence? Unlike the standard blue Larimar you might be familiar with, these extraordinary stones are a unique blend of various minerals, including hematite, copper, magnesium, phosphor, siliceous, volcanic elements, and other rare materials. The result is a captivating fusion of blue Larimar shades intertwined with mesmerizing colors like black, red, grey, brown, and white.

What is red Larimar meaning
The Quest for Larimar's Hidden Treasures

Picture this: every day, daring Larimar miners embark on a thrilling adventure, plunging a staggering 77 meters deep into the heart of the mountains via primitive pits. Their mission? To unearth the elusive blue and deep blue Larimar that captivates the world. But here's where the story takes a fascinating twist - sometimes, they stumble upon something truly extraordinary. Amongst the depths of the earth, they discover veins of Larimar specimens that are nothing short of astonishing. Isn't it truly awe-inspiring?

A Journey Through Time: The Birth of Larimar Specimens

Fifteen short years ago, Larimar specimens were virtually unknown. It was a select group of Larimar enthusiasts who initially embraced these remarkable stones, enchanted by their distinct and entrancing display of colors and patterns. Their keen eyes recognized the unparalleled beauty hidden within the mixed hues and designs of these specimens.

Red Larimar pendant necklace

A Remarkable Discovery: The Red Larimar

In 2010 - 2012, a groundbreaking discovery reverberated through the world of Larimar, leaving enthusiasts and experts alike in awe. Miners unearthed one of these enchanting veins, unveiling a stunning array of Larimar specimens. Amongst the myriad of hues, one stood out like a rare gem - a striking red Larimar that left us spellbound. We were instantly consumed by visions of designs that could truly celebrate the unparalleled beauty of this newfound treasure.

What is red Larimar
Our skilled artisans eagerly began crafting, breathing life into these visions, paying homage to its volcanic origins. The result? A breathtaking range of jewelry, each piece as unique as the stone itself.

The Elegance of White Milky Larimar

But that's not all. In that same vein, a wondrous cloud white Larimar specimen with delicate blue Larimar spots was discovered. Its beauty was simply breathtaking, inspiring the creation of our dearest Larimar Cloud Collection – a collection of one-of-a-kind jewels that pay tribute to the heavens.

The Unwavering Allure of Red Larimar and Larimar Specimens
Today, the allure of Red Larimar and Larimar specimens, in general, has captivated the world. As pioneers in the world of Larimar, The Larimar Shop proudly continues to offer a diverse range of these exquisite pieces, always at the forefront of the latest and most stunning Larimar discoveries.
Red Larimar earrings
Join us on a journey through the heart of the earth, where the exceptional meets the extraordinary, and discover the unique and rare beauty of Larimar specimens. At The Larimar Shop, we believe in embracing the avant-garde and showcasing the extraordinary. Explore our wide selection of these captivating stones and be part of the magic that is Red Larimar.

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