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Red Larimar, making us fall in love all over again!

How are these so-called specimens formed?
Larimar specimens are formed of different minerals, such as hematite, copper, magnesium, phosphor, siliceous, volcanic, and other materials, resulting in a mixed formation of blue Larimar hues with colors such as black, red, grey, brown and white.
Larimar Pink Stone

Every day, the Larimar miners dive 77 meters deep into the mountains through primitive pits to search for blue and deep blue Larimar. However, they sometimes stop finding regular Larimar and encounter these extraordinary veins with specimen Larimar rocks. Isn't it amazing?

When was the first specimen discovered?
Can you imagine, approximately fifteen years ago, Larimar specimen was still unknown! Only a few Larimar-lovers began buying this particular Larimar stone because they discovered the unique display and beauty of the mixed colors and stone designs.
Red Larimar
Red Larimar

End of last year, one of these veins was found, and a wide variety of Larimar specimens appeared. Amazing colors, especially an uncommon one, with red hues, that stroke us and made us immediately start imagining designs that would exalt the uniqueness of this newly found Red Larimar.

Our skillful artisans brought these designs into our Red Larimar Lava Collection, honoring part of its origin, the volcanoes!

White Milky Larimar Stone
Milky Larimar

Also, a cloud white Larimar specimen with blue Larimar spots appeared in that vein, which was very striking, and a Larimar Cloud Collection of one of a kind jewels was created.

Larimar pectolite
Red Larimar and Larimar specimens in general have become very sought after; as avant-garde, The Larimar Shop will always carry a variety of these gorgeous pieces.

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