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Dominican Spontaneity

Who we are!

One of the things that will call out your attention is our communication style, how we communicate!!!

Tropically Different

From our ancestors, mixed races and cultures that preceded us, we inherited the good and the not so good things they had! Nowadays we are a real reflection of all these characters; making of us something tropically different, special, that visitors from abroad have to notice.

Oh my God, we really like to talk, talk fast and most of the time, loudly to make sure we are heard. We are always ready to give a non requested advice, be it a friend, a family member, somebody on the street or wherever. We love to tell stories and make jokes and fun of ourselves, our family, friends, situations, our people, politics, of everything.

Dominicans are very outgoing!!

If we meet new friends, we are immediately ready to offer them our friendship and to invite them to our house, introduce them to our regular family or friends activities.

We love to celebrate everything at any time, be it a birthday, a promotion or graduation, a championship, marriage, any anniversary, or just because of the fun to happen to get together with friends somewhere and start immediately calling those friends we want to join us wherever we are at that moment.

In the low-income suburbs, it is a cultural usage to share and exchange with neighbour the food that has been cooked, always bearing in mind any needy neighbor.

Very few of us escape from a nickname, most of the time given at home or at school, and these nicknames will stay for a lifetime. In view of this, it is important to mention the nickname of somebody who passed away when making the announcement in a newspaper if we want our family members, friends and acquaintances to know a loved one passed away.

We are very supportive!!

In the Dominican Republic, we will always be there to comfort our acquaintances, friends and family, when sick, in sorrow or in mourning.

We want to invite you to take a trip to the Dominican Republic for your next vacation and we rest assure you will enjoy it, we have to much to offer you, our breathtaking beaches, lush vegetation, mountains, rivers and above all you will have the opportunity to meet our authentic Dominican people.

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