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In the Dominican Republic we know how to have a great time!

In the Dominican Republic we know how to have a great time!

This is how we do it in the Dominican Republic!

It is always necessary to point out that natives of the Dominican Republic are of mixed origin, that is, we have, with the exception of a few, European, African and Taino Indian roots, and hence inheriting their cultures. Most probably that must be the reason why we are sort of special Caribbean creatures; we are very communicative, friendly, hospitable, funny; we love music, we like to dance and most of all have a great time getting together!

First steps

It doesn’t take much to prepare a party; it is just a question of a few hours, after a group of friends and/or family during a meeting or an encounter by coincidence, one or two come up with the idea of making a party to celebrate something or just for fun. If most of them agree, it’s a deal, the decision is made where and when it will take place, who is in charge of bringing food, drinks, soft drinks, plastic cups, dishes, forks, napkins, ice! Phone numbers, names of other friends and family members are interchanged to invite them to this party and so the party fever is turned on!!

The Happy Hours

In the Dominican Republic, the “happy hours” have become popular, which is another way to get together and have fun! Cell phone calls are made to invite friends, to meet in a specific place to have a few drinks together, get updated on their lives and somebody else’s life, if her or his name is mentioned! Many jokes are told, everybody wants to be heard and makes an effort by talking louder; it becomes a real happy time, that might extend beyond the established “happy hour” time! Everybody goes home after promising to get together soon again.

At the river or the beach!

Since the locals are very familiar, usually a family member make the plans to go to a river or to the beach a weekend day and get together to spend a good time, enjoying of mother nature’s gifts!


To this purpose, the women of the families will decide the food to be cooked, the snacks to be taken for the kids and grownups and the men will take care of the beer, rum, whisky, soft drinks and ice!! Meeting point/time is arranged from the beginning. Normally, between a non-stop talking, loud music, which was also arranged in advance, dancing and eating they spent a gorgeous time!

Family gathering at the river in the DR
Social Media sharing? Ohhhh yes!

Pictures are taken with all the cell phones available at the site and immediately shown on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. telling how much fun they are having!

Weddings... also a great opportunity for fun!

Weddings are a welcomed opportunity to have a great time! After the religious ceremony, the guests will be treated, most commonly with a buffet, but before that, the just wed accompanied by their family and guests will honour the dance floor with bachata, merengue, salsa and other musical genres. During the dancing, everybody will be shouting to each other to transcend the sound of the music and express their contentment. In order to keep the guests in their highest party peak, food is served practically at the end of the celebration, but if the party is planned to last until dawn, then there are changes made.

Playing Dominos at the Dominican Republic
Don't forget the DOMINOES!

In the Dominican Republic playing dominoes is another reason or opportunity for friends to get together and have a great time!

This can be any time, any day, spontaneously, it just takes one or two to feel like playing dominoes and the rest will appear by a phone call or as neighbours. This can be with or without drinks, it all depends on the circumstance. Nevertheless, there will be jokes, gossips, political and financial updates, a challenge of who is the best in dominoes; the sound of music playing, many times competing with their loud voices, is most of the time present.

And so on,  we have many reasons more to celebrate something, somewhere in the Dominican Republic, like birthdays, mother’s and father’s day, school and university graduations, promotions, a new house, engagements;  you name it and we will celebrate it!!!

Want to learn more about our culture? Follow this link!

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