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Larimar Gold Vermeil Zinnia Pendant

Introducing vermeil

Welcome to the world of exquisite Larimar beauty in gold sophistication

Discover our latest collection of Larimar jewelry, now crafted in stunning gold vermeil.

In this article, we will explore the allure of gold vermeil, its distinct characteristics, and the advantages it brings to the table compared to traditional gold and silver. Additionally, we'll address common questions about vermeil.

Understanding Gold Vermeil

What is Vermeil?

Vermeil, pronounced ver-may, is a luxurious and durable metal finish that combines the richness of gold with the affordability of sterling silver. To be considered vermeil, the base metal must be sterling silver, coated with a thick layer of 18k gold, typically 10 karats or higher, and a minimum of 2.5 microns thick.

How thick is 2.5 microns? A human hair is about 70 microns thick, so vermeil plating is about 28 times thinner than a single strand. This results in a lavish appearance akin to pure gold but at a fraction of the cost.

Gold Vermeil

Advantages & Considerations


Gold vermeil offers the luxury of gold without the hefty price tag, making it an attractive option for those seeking luxury on a budget.


The sterling silver base provides strength and longevity, ensuring your jewelry withstands the test of time.


As sterling silver serves as the base, gold vermeil is generally hypoallergenic, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

Luxurious Aesthetics

The thick layer of gold creates a radiant and lustrous finish, exuding a regal charm that rivals pure gold.

Limited Thickness

While the gold layer is substantial, it is still thinner than solid gold, which may result in gradual wear over an extended period.

Reactivity to Chemicals

As with any jewelry, exposure to harsh chemicals or excessive moisture may lead to tarnishing or fading over time.

Larimar in Vermeil FAQs

Is gold vermeil suitable for everyday wear?

Yes, gold vermeil is durable enough for daily wear. However, avoid exposing it to chemicals, moisture, and extreme conditions.

Can I get my gold vermeil Larimar jewelry resized?

Unfortunately, resizing may compromise the integrity of the gold vermeil layer. We recommend selecting the correct size during your purchase.

Can you shower with gold vermeil?

Showering with gold vermeil jewelry is permissible but not encouraged as it may expedite tarnishing. Occasional exposure won't immediately alter its appearance, but drying the pieces promptly is advised. As with your Larimar silver pieces, avoiding contact with soaps and hair products is also recommended to prevent chemical-induced tarnish or dullness.

How do I store my Larimar gold vermeil jewelry?

Store in a safe, dry place—such as an anti-tarnish pouch or case—with the anti-tarnish tab that came with your purchase; this will help protect your pieces when they are not being worn.

How do I care for my gold vermeil Larimar jewelry?

Proactive maintenance is vital. To keep tarnish from setting in, clean your pieces regularly by wiping them with a soft, dry cloth.

Please note: Polishing cloths can be abrasive, so apply gentle pressure and don’t over-polish. Do not use steam cleaners or ultrasonic cleaners on vermeil Larimar jewelry.

Is vermeil hypoallergenic?

Gold vermeil can be hypoallergenic, contingent on its manufacturing process. Nickel, a common allergen, may be present in low-quality gold vermeil.

Can gold vermeil withstand water exposure? Is it waterproof?

Gold vermeil can tolerate being wet, but we refrain from labeling it as waterproof due to the advised caution against prolonged submersion. To ensure the longevity of your Larimar jewelry, keep gold vermeil as dry as possible. While immediate water exposure may not have drastic effects, continuous chemical reactions over time can lead to tarnishing or a diminished shine.

Should I buy gold vermeil Larimar jewels?

In the realm of gold jewelry, gold vermeil stands out as a high-quality alternative to solid gold. For those seeking an affordable yet premium option, vermeil is ideal, offering both quality and durability for years.

We've got both gold vermeil and solid gold options in our gold-tone collection. The Larimar Shop gold vermeil consists of a 24k gold layer followed by an 18k gold layer with a 24k gold tone, which is approximately 3-5 microns thick. And for those splurging a bit or marking a special moment, we still have some fabulous 14k solid gold pieces while supplies last since we are discontinuing these pieces. Find your style and treat yourself!