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Larimar Care Tips

As a unique semi-precious stone one should treasure every Larimar jewelry and once a week give it a special attention to keep it looking as new!

To our best knowledge, we are giving you some tips to help you take care of your Larimar jewel!

– To avoid any possible dullness and/or tarnishing, put your Larimar silver jewelry on last to avoid contact with lotions, hair and parfume sprays, gels, etc., to help you maintain your stone and silver setting shining.

– When using household and any other sort of chemicals, don’t wear your Larimar jewelry to avoid any possible damage to the stone and/or silver setting.

– Chlorine of swimming pools may damage the Larimar stone and cause possible discoloration of the 925 silver setting

– Ultrasonic cleaners may be used, but not so steam bath designed for jewelry.

– Larimar does not easily scratch, however to keep the beauty of the stone avoid bumping or scratching it.

– Avoid long sun exposure, temperatures over 37 grades Celsius and salt waters.

– It is recommendable, if possible, to clean your Larimar jewel after wearing it to avoid body oil and dirt accumulation.

– Once a week or from time to time,  wash your Larimar piece with clean fresh water and a few drops of mild soap and with a soft brush clean the dirt from the silver setting, rinse and dry with a soft cloth. The Larimar stone might turn slightly more blue due to water absorption.

– You can also use a jewelry cleaning or polishing cloth to clean your Larimar jewel.


How to care for your Larimar and Wood Jewel

You have acquired a beautiful Larimar and Wood jewel which you want to keep all the time as new and we want to help you achieve that with a few care tips:

– When you are not wearing your Larimar and Wood jewel, store it in a cool, dry box

– Avoid exposing it to direct sun light and do not store it in a place where it can be exposed to extreme high temperatures in hot days

– Do not wear your Larimar & Wood jewelry when you are going to use any kind of chemicals to avoid damaging both the stone, as well as, the wood

– Do not soak your Larimar & Wood jewelry in water since the wood might swell

– We recommend you take off your Larimar & Wood jewelry when taking a shower or washing your hand if it is a ring, particularly if you live in a very dry environment, the dramatic change in humidity might cause cracking

– Do not use your Larimar & Wood jewelry in swimming pools, saunas, jacuzzis, etc. to avoid damaging the Wood, as well as, the Larimar stone

– Regularly clean the wooden part of your Larimar & Wood jewelry with a soft cloth, like a chamois and make it damp, wipe off until the dirt and dust is off of the wood. After you clean the wood you need to put oil to avoid it from drying out and cracking. Take some olive oil and put it on a small piece of soft cloth, then rub the wood with the cloth soaked in the oil, into the wood well so all the wood gets a good amount of olive oil on it . You can also use coconut or Jajoba oil and keep rubbing the wooden part of your Larimar & Wood jewelry until it is pretty shiny; the olive oil will shine the wood and also protect the wooden part from getting dry and cracking.

– Clean the Larimar and 925 silver part of your Larimar & Wood jewelry with a soft brush soaked in fresh water and a few drops of mild soap to clean the dirt from the silver setting, rinse and dry we a soft cloth.

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