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Zoom Larimar Earrings, Britney
Zoom Larimar Earrings, Britney
Zoom Larimar Earrings, Britney
Zoom Larimar Earrings, Britney
Zoom Larimar Earrings, Britney
Zoom Larimar Earrings, Britney

Larimar Earrings, Britney



Complete your casual-everyday look with these stunning one-of-a-kind oval Larimar earrings Britney. Directly handcrafted and shipped from the warm heart of the Caribbean to your wardrobe. Ready to complement your beautiful facial features and bring joy to you and those around you. Wear them and treasure them in the many years to come!

  • Materials: Larimar and 925 silver
  • Weight: 11 grams
  • Dimensions:‚ 41 mm height (including bail) x 13 mm width x 9 mm thick
  • Larimar Stone: 26 mm height x 13 mm width x 9 mm thick
  • Closed silver back
Several pairs are available in stock

Each one future its unique blue hues and beautiful patterns.

    About our Larimar stones

    The Larimar stone used in each piece has its own pattern making it a unique piece. We consider every jewel we make a piece of art. All our Larimar Jewelry is highly polished till we've obtained the very best of the gemstone. At The Larimar Shop, we only select AA and AAA quality Larimar gemstones for our collections.

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    Shipping & Returns

    We ship worldwide! All orders are shipped directly from the Dominican Republic within the 1 – 3 business days after placing your order.

    If you have an emergency order that needs processing in less than what is outlined above, please contact us before placing your order and we’ll work our way to get your order delivered faster.

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    100% Handcrafted

    Authentic from the Dominican Republic

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    Larimar Earrings, Britney



    Have your Larimar stones been treated in any way?

    Our Larimar stones are pure, genuine, carefully selected at the mines in Bahoruco, southwest of the Dominican Republic, the only place on earth so far, where this unique, awesome stone is found and mined. In the Dominican Republic exists no dyeing stone practice.

    Our jewelry is made with top quality Larimar stone brought directly from the mines, to our workshop, where young, native artisans cut, shape, polish and mount this semi-precious gem in 925 silver or 14K gold bezel cups.

    Where are you located?

    We are located in Santo Domingo, main city of the Dominican Republic; The Dominican Republic shares the eastern side of the Hispaniola Island; Haiti is on the western side!

    What is a Larimar specimen stone?

    A Larimar specimen stone is a stone where the Larimar has developed in different blue and blue green shades, mixed with other materials or inclusions such as hematite or red dendrites (like these earrings), white calcite, natrolite, fossilized wood, copper, etc. creating gorgeous, fabulous, nature designs. Every Larimar specimen stone is unique!

    Do you make more than one piece of each design featured in your store?

    Most of the Larimar jewelry we are offering is one of a kind, unique in its design, in its blue shade and pattern; if you see a piece that catches your eyes, don’t let it go! When we have more than one unit in stock of the Larimar jewelry displayed, we indicate quantity available, as well as the variety of blue shades and patterns.

    Customer Reviews

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    Ohh what a find! :two_hearts:

    I wear earrings daily , I have the Larimar earrings Arantxa, but wanted more of a casual pair of Larimar - besides my silver Arantxa hoops & the like, Larimar goes with jeans & jean shorts I live in down here in the south US! Great style & vibe- love how they swing & dangle! Silver lining around stone protects & catches the eye as well- with Miss Cleos help got exactly shade looking for- another happy dance day! - oh & not either pair too heavy - solid but not heavy silver, excellent stones & closure- no dealing with rubber backs !!:palm_tree:thx Gals!:grin:


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