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Added value of handcrafted Larimar jewelry

Did you know that handcrafted Larimar jewelry is quite different from the mass-produced type? Yes, there is a broad difference between them!

Jewelry quality

Today there are many ways to produce Larimar Jewelry. The most pronounced categories are handmade and casting production.

Dominican artisan polishing a Larimar stone cuff bracelet for women

The Dominican Jewelry has an additional value than those produced in lots. These pieces of jewelry are totally handmade from scratch, uniquely customized, and made in limited quantities. Naturally, such products come with a higher price, but we cannot compare their beauty with anything else; they have the true Caribbean style. The Dominican handcrafted Larimar jewelry has one distinctive particularity, the stone's shape and pattern are the key motivation source to define the jewel's outcome in design.

On the other hand, the commercial mass production type is used for low-value jewelry markets. That's why sometimes you can find such jewels at a lower price; however, they don't differ in their individuality and general strength characteristics.

Dominican women wearing larimar and silver bracelets, ring and pendant
Jewelry design

Nowadays, unique jewelry design is the primary concern of all accessories lovers. Everyone desires unique and attractive styles. Believe it or not, there's an apprehension of stepping into someone who's wearing the same blouse, an identical shirt, or necklace at work or, let's say, in a restaurant. Trust us; we know the feeling! This is when handcrafted Larimar jewelry comes in handy and can work wonders to your total look.

genuine Dominican blue stone pendant

Each Dominican artisan has its style to create particular lines of jewelry. It isn't easy to find such jewelry accessories outside conventional collections when produced massively; this is remarkably true for handmade Larimar jewelry.

Creating new collections is carried out by young designers who embody their ideas in precious metal. Often, handcrafted collections include all types of jewelry: rings, earrings, necklaces, cuff bracelets, pendants, and so on. Therefore if you want unique and attractive designs, we can only advise: opt for the handmade type!

Does Larimar imitation jewelry exist?

Yes! Especially on the web! That's the main reason why Larimar jewelry that skilled Dominican artisans handcraft is deeply treasured.

We always recommend our customers learning more about the Larimar stone facts and information. When you read the stories behind this rock, you can't help it; you'll begin to admire and love it on a whole new level.

Now you may be thinking about where to buy Larimar jewelry. We can guide you in this matter.

Women larimar necklace
Where to Buy Larimar Jewelry?

When in-person or online shopping, always ask about the origin and quality of the stone. The best place to buy Larimar jewelry is, of course, the Dominican Republic, the only place in the whole world where it is found and mined; it is not a mainstream stone. Suppose you can't come to visit our beautiful tropical island in the Caribbean. In that case, the next best scenario is to order online through reliable websites, principally those located in the Dominican Republic.

If you want to purchase a genuinely high-quality product of a skilled Dominican artisan, you came to the right place. All our jewelry is artistically made by young local artisans, always on the lookout for new inspiration to create fabulous designs!

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