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Larimar Beads... why are they so hard to find in the Dominican market?

Larimar Beads... why are they so hard to find in the Dominican market?

The beauty of the Larimar stone is quite enigmatic, and the story around it makes it more interesting. It is found only in one place in the world, the Dominican Republic, it is the only blue pectolite discovered so far, enchanting all of us who have come to know and love it.


Larimar is the best-kept secret of the Caribbean, it was rediscovered in1974 and introduced to the world with locally handmade jewelry, sold to tourists visiting our island. Nowadays, Larimar is sought after all over the world, attracting jewelry manufacturers from different countries, especially from the USA, China and India to invest in this unique stone.

During all these years, local artisans have become more skilled in the production of Larimar jewelry, cutting and shaping the stone to make creative handmade jewelry, such as 925 silver or 14K gold earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets, necklaces, which reflects our Dominican essence.

When it comes to Larimar carvings including beads, approximately only 25% of our local artisans love this art and are working with each stone to create a better finished piece.

The beads can be considered as pearls of the Larimar stone, quite costly.
Larimar round beads errings
TOO MUCH waste

There is much waste of the stone when producing Larimar beads, for the whole process is all made by hand. To start with, a square is cut and the four edges are then eliminated to continue shaping or carving the bead until a well-shaped bead has been obtained. Then follows another difficult process, the hole drilling; many beads brake and another fact is, finding locally the diamond drill bits, which they substitute with dental drill bits when the first-mentioned are not available.

The beads are made without any specific size or quality; everything will depend on the quality and size of the selected Larimar rough piece after it has been cut. Top blue Larimar color or quality is therefore very scarce and very dear.
Larimar beads pendant
Most common use

Since these Larimar beads are all of a different millimeters, most are mainly used in necklaces with irregular sizes from small or medium to medium-large, pretty earrings, rings and bracelets are also part of the production.

That is why our native artisans, prefer and can benefit more from the Larimar stone when cut in slabs and cabochons drawn and shaped in free forms.

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