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Larimar hearts: stone for the soul!

In the 1250s, the first symbol of love was a pear-shaped object to express the heart's idea in a symbolic way as the center of "emotion"; this included affection and love, especially romantic love. Some would allege it was modeled from some parts of the human anatomy. Silphium's seed pod had a remarkable resemblance to the modern Valentine's heart; even some healing properties were attributed to this plant.  

Hearts = Love

Hearts have become the best way to express our love and caring feelings. Particularly with Valentine's celebration, heart objects of all kinds are our main attraction. That's when our Larimar hearts come in the scene! We think of them as a great option. Before you ask, let us tell you why! Its blue color in various hues is an invisible connection with the Caribbean blue skies and waters; it refreshes the soul. 

Larimar Hearts

Our Larimar stone, as unique as it is, encloses the emotional and magical connection with the soul and body; it is like two in one thing. The blue color symbolizes, among others, faith, truth, and heaven; it is beneficial to the mind and body, it produces calming effects. But besides all this, another interesting story tells that Larimar once formed part of Atlantis's lost continent, so it is a mystical and intriguing stone.


All this gives our Larimar, and Larimar specimen hearts a unique touch that makes an attractive option to surprise your loved ones.

So, whenever you are ready to indulge yourself or gift one of our Larimar heart pendants, be sure to check its pattern. There will surely be one that'll strike you for its rare and unique mix of colors and natural design, begging for you to pick him.

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