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Larimar Highlights

Larimar Stone Important Info & Facts

As a native of the Dominican Republic, we love and are proud of the Larimar stone our national stone and enjoy sharing its beauty and uniqueness with the world.

Is Larimar a gemstone and does it only have blue colors

Larimar is a rare blue pectolite with gem quality; this unique stone is found only in the Dominican Republic.  The other colors of Larimar are greenish blue hues, also gray and white speckles, all appearing in some breathtaking patterns. Fascinating Larimar specimens makes you marvel!  These stones have impurities, hematite, copper, calcite mixed with Larimar blue and blue-green shades, pure nature's art.

What about the names of Larimar

Larimar: A match of the words "Lari" from Larissa and "mar" Spanish word for sea. Larissa is the daughter of Miguel Mendez, who rediscovered this stone in 1974. Atlantis Stone: Metaphysics connect this stone to the lost Continent of Atlantis based on Edgar Cayce's (1877-1945) prediction of a blue stone in the Caribbean. Dolphin Stone: Dolphins have been associated to the lost Continent of Atlantis. Stefilia's Stone: So far we have not found information or connection of this stone with Larimar.

Can everybody buy Larimar stone at the mine?

Miners and dealers at the mine are always ready to offer all buyers rough or cut Larimar, slabs or cabochons in a variety of qualities at prices established by them. The Dominican government does not permit the exportation of Larimar rough stones.

Larimar Stone Facts

  • Beads are the most costly product of Larimar, especially deep blue beads. The production of these handmade beads represents a huge waste of Larimar stone, for this reason only a few local artisans make these.

  • No official quality standards are available; miners, vendors define the qualities according to their own criteria.

  • Long exposure of the Larimar stone to the sun or electric light will make the blue color lighter.

  • Contrary to what might be said, translucent Larimar stone is considered to be gem quality

Does Larimar Imitation jewelry exist?

Especially on the internet, false Larimar jewelry is offered at a lower price than authentic Larimar. For this reason, we recommend buying from a reliable source or from websites located in the Dominican Republic. Finally, learning more about Larimar will help you admire and love this stone. Timeless Larimar jewelry, handcrafted by skilled Dominican artisans, with top, best quality Larimar is to be treasured. 

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