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Larimar Stone Important Info & Facts

Larimar Stone Important Info & Facts

As a proud native of the Dominican Republic, we're excited to share with you the beauty and uniqueness of our national stone, Larimar.

Dominican Larimar slab

Is Larimar a gemstone and does it only have blue colors?

Larimar is a rare gem-quality blue pectolite that can only be found in the Dominican Republic. However, many people are unaware that Larimar stone can also come in other colors such as greenish-blue, gray, and white, forming breathtaking patterns. Hematite, copper, and calcite mixed with Larimar create unique shades, resulting in pure nature's art; we call these: Larimar specimens.

What about the names of Larimar?

The name "Larimar" is a combination of the words "Lari" from Larissa and "mar" which means sea in Spanish. Larissa is the daughter of Miguel Mendez, who rediscovered this stone in 1974. Other names for Larimar include Atlantis Stone, due to its connection with the Lost Continent of Atlantis based on Edgar Cayce's prediction of a blue stone in the Caribbean, and Dolphin Stone, as dolphins have been associated with the lost continent.

larimar stone pendant

Can everybody buy Larimar stone at the mine?

Rough Larimar can be purchased at the mine from dealers and miners by the ton, however it's highly recommended to be assisted by a trustworthy intermediary. 

Larimar Stone Facts
  • Larimar beads are the most expensive product, especially deep blue beads, and only a few local artisans make them due to the large waste of Larimar stone during production.

  • There are no official quality standards for Larimar, as miners and vendors define the qualities according to their own criteria.

  • Yes, long exposure to sunlight or electric light can lighten the blue color of the stone.

  • Contrary to popular belief, translucent Larimar is considered gem quality.

Does Larimar Imitation jewelry exist?

Unfortunately, there are false Larimar jewelry products available online at lower prices than authentic Larimar. We highly recommend purchasing from a reliable source or websites located in the Dominican Republic.

Learning more about Larimar will help you appreciate and love this unique stone. Timeless Larimar jewelry handcrafted by skilled Dominican artisans, with top-quality Larimar, is a treasure to behold.

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