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Meet Samy: The Artist Behind The Larimar Shop's OOAK Styles

When it comes to Larimar jewelry, it is not only the stone that makes us fall in love with every given piece but the details in the metal craftsmanship and the magic behind the style. What happens before cutting the stones and turning them into an OOAK piece is pure magic and our young artisans are the ones to blame! This article is all about Samy, the head artisan of TLS.

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Becoming an artist

Sammy grew up in a family that already had artistic veins and a lot of creative ideas! His father was a watchmaker who was very talented in repairing watches. There were no electronics or TV shows for entertainment; playing outside with friends and making their own toys to play with kept him busy as a kid.

Sammy remembers his first steps as an artisan. He started by watching his older brother in the backyard of his house, creating roses and different shapes for girls' earrings using homemade tools!

Born in the seventies, when the Larimar stone was rediscovered, Sammy got to know this awesome Caribbean rock at the age of 12. The Larimar stone, or blue stone as called by the locals, was at its first stage and not well known.
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Making silver jewelry

He started then learning the process of handmade jewelry with the available gemstones at that time, such as pink conch, amber, and black coral. After a few years, pink conch and black coral were declared endangered species and removed from the local workshops.

In the beginning, there were only three workshops in the Dominican Republic producing local handmade jewelry. Sammy had the opportunity to learn firsthand the whole process from the Larimar stone cutting to silver settings.
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At a very young age, he started teaching at a local art school and working for different workshops where he could develop his art. He soon discovered his very best talent and passion: jewelry design and silver craftsmanship.

Handcrafting Larimar Stone Jewelry

As he explains, the uniqueness of each Larimar cab is what inspires each style. By observing the patterns, the blue colors mixes, and the shapes, he visualizes the jewel as finished. Drawing on paper and sketching within his imagination gives life to every piece Samy creates.

Along with the junior artist from the workshop, Sammy enjoys making one-of-a-kind Larimar jewelry, especially when he can play with silver strings to adorn the bezel.

Sammy is happily married; his two sons are now in college and married. He loves to read the gospel and play the guitar in his spare time. Sammy has been on The Larimar Shop since 2017, and it's a precious asset for our team.

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