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Salinas Collection: the story behind it.

Are you ready to discover the hidden beauty of the southern side of our Island through one-of-a-kind pieces? Our Salinas collection is your ticket to this stunning and pristine world!

Our first-ever charm collection is inspired by the southern side of our Island! Almost unaffected by human hands, its extraordinary sea life, green landscapes, blue waters, and sand made us think of stylish-colorful pieces that evoke that individual beauty within each of us. Just untouched and waiting to be revealed. 

We named it Salinas after an outstanding beach in the zone known for its particular silver-like sands. 

Colors and Materials Behind the Collection
silver Larimar charms for Salinas Collection

The Salinas collection features materials we've never used before, such as Malachite, pink Conch, and black cow horn.

Malachite is a mineral naturally formed on earth. For Salinas, it emulates the green on the grass, the cactus, and palm trees (yes, you'll find both in the south). 

Pink Conch, also known as the Queen Conch, is a large spiral shell; its color reminds of the bright pink in the gorgeous Trinitaria flowers covering the place. 

Black cow horn, we're introducing a darker shade for a blackish tone, evoking the darkest nights you'll ever admire. 

The whitish hues of Mother Pearl remind us of sea foam and white clouds. As always, our beautiful Larimar stone catches the eyes with its water-like patterns and blue color, reminding us of the Caribbean sea.


Larimar silver charms from Salinas Collections
The Styles

Costa charm: the Spanish word for coast. Our Costa charms are designed to bring the beauty and power of the ocean into your daily life, reminding you of the sea's endless possibilities and infinite potential.

Peace charm: inspired by the tranquil sounds of palm trees swaying in the breeze and calm waters gently lapping at the shore, evoking a sense of peace and serenity.

Heart charm: Here's where we treasure every moment! Inspired by the enduring symbol of the heart, our heart charms celebrate the everlasting nature of love and connection shared between family, friends, and loved ones.

Moon charm: the gibbous moon symbolizes growth and progress, representing a lunar cycle phase that is moving towards fullness. We love how we can relate this to our journey, always moving forward to a state of completeness.

No matter the style, or the combination you choose, the Salinas collection will add a personalized touch to your everyday styles. Stack up on these new beauties; swap them out any time to create a look that's uniquely you!


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