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Zoom Larimar Ring for Men, The Handsome
Zoom Larimar Ring for Men, The Handsome
Zoom Larimar Ring for Men, The Handsome
Zoom Larimar Ring for Men, The Handsome
Zoom Larimar Ring for Men, The Handsome
Zoom Larimar Ring for Men, The Handsome

Larimar Ring for Men, The Handsome



The Handsome Larimar ring is one of The Larimar Shop's top sellers. With a classic and yet sturdy design, this 100% handcrafted piece will add a unique touch of elegance to any outfit you choose. 

  • Material: Larimar stones and 925 silver 
  • Check available sizes
  • Weight: 22 grams  
  • Dimensions: 19 mm long x 13 mm wide x 11 mm thick. 
  • Closed back

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100% Handcrafted

Authentic from the Dominican Republic

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Larimar Ring for Men, The Handsome


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Donald Macnamara
Great looking men’s ring

This was a replacement ring for one I lost from another maker. The quality of this ring is absolutely superb. It looks great and the choice of stone is really commendable. I’ve received a number of compliments on the ring. Email communications back-and-forth were great because I wanted a custom size. Delivery was a day earlier than promised. I highly recommend the good folks at the Larimar Shop.

Andriy Prokhorov
Only one should have this ring

Well,i even have in my mind an idea to hide how amazing ring and the larimar are- So only me should have "my preciouse", but-larimar is making people calm and kind-So, everybody,-'take it! :)Its SO COOL!!

Al T.
The Handsome ring for men

My representative was Angie. She was extremely professional, polite, courteous and patient. It was an absolute pleasant experience. The ring was beautiful, good quality and a good value. The stone itself was gorgeous. I am extremely pleased with the ring and look forward to doing more business with her. Angie definitely knows how to provide excellent customer service. She is extremely knowledgeable and knows her product. Thank you Angie for a great experience and a beautiful larimar ring. God bless you and your company.

Ricardo B.
The milky blue stone sits

The milky blue stone sits on a beautifully polished silver setting. It’s stunning.

Shelbi S.
Lovely, well crafted ring.

What I love about this ring is not just the beautiful stone, but the weight of the solid silver. Often you find rings that are hollowed out under the stone, this can cause contact dermatitis for some people, this ring is totally solid and just beautiful. So grateful, thank you!


Have your Larimar stones been treated in any way?

Our Larimar stones are pure, genuine, carefully selected at the mines in Bahoruco, southwest of the Dominican Republic, the only place on earth so far, where this unique, awesome stone is found and mined. In the Dominican Republic exists no dyeing stone practice.

Our jewelry is made with top quality Larimar stone brought directly from the mines, to our workshop, where young, native artisans cut, shape, polish and mount this semi-precious gem in 925 silver or 14K gold bezel cups.

Where are you located?

We are located in Santo Domingo, main city of the Dominican Republic; The Dominican Republic shares the eastern side of the Hispaniola Island; Haiti is on the western side!

What is a Larimar specimen stone?

A Larimar specimen stone is a stone where the Larimar has developed in different blue and blue green shades, mixed with other materials or inclusions such as hematite or red dendrites (like these earrings), white calcite, natrolite, fossilized wood, copper, etc. creating gorgeous, fabulous, nature designs. Every Larimar specimen stone is unique!

Do you make more than one piece of each design featured in your store?

Most of the Larimar jewelry we are offering is one of a kind, unique in its design, in its blue shade and pattern; if you see a piece that catches your eyes, don’t let it go! When we have more than one unit in stock of the Larimar jewelry displayed, we indicate quantity available, as well as the variety of blue shades and patterns.

Larimar Jewelry as athentic as you.

Our inspiration comes in blue hues, from rareness of the Larimar stone and its unique-bold patterns.

Each design is conceived to highlight the authenticity within each of us, making every creation a unique piece.


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