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Larimar from the Dominican Republic! Oh Larimar!

Larimar from the Dominican Republic! Oh Larimar!

When you learn about Larimar for the first time, your curiosity takes you immediately to the internet searcher of your preference and start looking for information on Larimar stone; you will find many sites telling the same story of Larimar.

However, not all manage to express what inspired them to get involved with the Larimar stone, the excitement and enchantment it provokes when you see it for the first time. After almost twenty years working with this one of kind stone, you cannot stop admiring the incredible beauty and enigmatic patterns of Larimar.


Larimar, the gemstone.

We know that it was formed in a punctual way mixed with other materials in the womb of high mountains. Surrounded by lush tropical vegetation on the southwestern side of our country, the Dominican Republic. We know of its volcanic origin, as well as other geological and gemological details, but the unique art of each Larimar stone... only mother nature could give us an explanation of her inspiration at the moment of its creation!

The contrast of blue hues, from light to deep blue, occasionally with a greenish or greenish-blue tint, like saying “hey, I am also part of you”, mixed with the blue shades, keeps you fascinated of every Larimar piece, be it a slab or cabochons. You cannot get enough of this stone, you just have to fall in love with it.

When you read the story of Edgar Cayce, an American mystic, called “the sleeping prophet” and “father of holistic medicine” (1877-1945) who apparently predicted the finding of a gemstone of incredible beauty and powerful healing properties to be discovered in the Caribbean Sea, linked to the lost continent of Atlantis, you will understand why some metaphysics and stone healers have come to the conclusion that the Blue Stone Cayce was referring to our blue Larimar from the Dominican Republic. In view of this fact, Larimar is also called Atlantis stone.

The color hues

During all these years working with the Larimar stone, we have observed that the blue color of this stone can turn bluer with some Larimar wearers and marveled when we see a Larimar jewelry purchased more than 15 years ago, shining with its original blue beauty.

We confess that every Larimar jewelry we make is like giving birth to a treasured piece that will connect its forthcoming owner with the breathtaking beauty of our blue Caribbean sky and sea, irradiating the warmth and enchantment of our tropical island.

It has been said that the Larimar reservoir is running out, but there is no official information about what is still available and for how long. The fact is that as long as the miners at the Larimar mines continue discovering Larimar veins and giving us the opportunity to share this awesome stone with customers all over the world, we will have the joy of exalting its uniqueness in every jewel our artisans handmade to be treasured by our customers.

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